Hello, World!

Vifth Floor Blog

Hello, world!

This is Bone from Vifth Floor!

We decided to have a blog to keep you updated of our works! Well, we have News section already, so what’s the difference?

Our blog not only informs you about our works, but also a little bit sneak peak about our daily activities here in Vifth Floor. Sort of like behind the scenes.. maybe? Well even though most of our members don’t like to show their faces.. I will do my best to share it nonetheless. Maybe I will censor the faces, just take the pictures of their hands.. Or.. maybe.. maybe..

Maybe I will try to force them to show their faces.. *points knife* Ψ(☆w☆)✧

Shhh.. don’t tell them or I will be kicked out from the team *kidding*

So yeah you know now, this blog is more casual than the news. This is our first blog post, just to say hello. I will be here with you dancing as best as I can from now on.

Bye now! I’ll come back here on the next post~

Have a fun fun fun day, world!


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