VOID: One Shot Visual Novel Debut by Indie Game Circle Vifth Floor

If you like all those dark and brooding things with a splash of comedy, VOID will probably be your new favourite visual novel. VOID has this awesome main character to whom you surely can relate if you are actually a good person forced to join a corporate mafia in the name of a dead girlfriend.

The story is centered on the main protagonist life, Arthur, an undergraduate who chose to risk his life and plunged to the mafia world. Cunning and ruthless, he consistently climbed the mafia corporate ladder and managed to secure himself a place in financial director of the mafia’s shell company. Arthur become familiar to the ill-natured that of the mafia ways, but he knew that he was there for a reason. He was infiltrating that corrupt corporation to see the real bad people. To be close to the person responsible to the death of Anna Royce, the love of his life. Just close enough to end them and escape.

Arthur would not be alone, of course. He would meet allies and friends, all with their own subtle yet strong traits. In this one shot visual novel, you will be indulged in a short ride full of twist and well designed characters you’ll love. Or loathe to your marrow.

Vifth Floor will release two versions of VOID visual novel. The one shot version with 50 minutes play time is planned to be released around September this year. Aside from this one shot version, a full version will be revealed in the second quarter of 2016 if the Indiegogo campaign is successful. We are revealing the Indiegogo page in 14 August.

Visit the page and pick a perk!