Just Deserts is in Final QA Phase!


Currently, Just Deserts is in final quality assurance phase to ensure everything go as planned. The testers consist of Sekai Project QA team and our own internal testers. Up to this point, we found some bugs and aspects that need polishing. In addition, we are facing some issues with the characters’ voice as some of them still need to be edited, checked, and inserted in to the game. After all that, we also have to make sure everything runs smoothly. As the situation now, we decide to hold up the release date to 2 weeks from the initial plan.

We are very sorry for this and we hope that you keep looking forward to Just Deserts release.

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  • Arief Miftakh

    gk papa gan , masih bulan Syawal kok 😀

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  • Vagineer1

    So when will it release? Today (The 11th) or two weeks from now?

    • Two weeks from now. Really sorry about this 🙁

  • SCP

    I honestly admire your decision to postpone the release in order to improve the game to a higher quality. Rushed release games do not usually work well from what I’ve seen, so good job with that decision!

    Also (gonna sound like a total cheapskate here), but will VOID backers be receiving the game (Just Deserts)? I recall a post saying that backers would receive a tier in the Kickstarter, but since the Kickstarter was skipped because you guys found a publisher, I was just wondering about that. Thanks in advance, and keep up all the awesome work you guys are doing!

    • Thanks for your support!
      Yes, we will distribute steam keys to VOID backers for free 😀
      No problem with the publisher, as in the worst case, we can just purchase them and then distribute the keys.

      • SCP

        Whoa, quick reply! Thanks for the info, and keep up the great work!

  • Shinji Haruki

    25 July confirmed, we’ll be waiting, good luck and, keep up the good work sir

  • Adi Nurzadi Risata

    sabar… demi kualitas game yang maksimal 😀

  • Sami Qadir Buhlal

    nunggu perilisan aj ane mh :3

  • yey udah rili 🙂 sayangnya nggak ada audionya nggak Jepang hehehe

  • dikaici

    Permisi min..

    mau nanya untuk translate indo nya ada kah ?
    terimakasih sebelum nya